Hello, my name is Arpie Shekoyan, and thank you for tuning in. I have grown up here in Los Angeles and have had a major connection with the arts community here. Ive obtained my bachelor's in Studio Art for UCSD and am currently a candidate for the MICA MBAD program. As an artist myself, theres a major issue on our hands...
The art purge!
Have you witnessed your artist friends giving away their valuable materials and art due to major life adjustments?
Artists facing this dilemma typically deal with losing their studio space upon graduating or leaving college and often have to deal with the stress of giving away their expensive materials and artwork that may be very valuable one day due to compromise of space when living with roommates or moving back home. Especially here in Los Angeles.
Introducing “Tun, LLC”, a self-storage space specifically catered to artists in their beginning or mid-career path. Tun means “home” in Armenian, and at Tun we want artists to feel like they have the security they have at home to properly store their work as well as a community of like-minded renters and employees that are passionate about the arts.
We offer 24-hour access and security like other leading competitors, however, our website, social media platforms, and events serve as launch pads for artists to progress in their careers.