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Tattoos by C-Monie 2021

Tattoos by C-Monie is a tattoo company, owned and operated by Corey Ruecker, that approaches tattoo work as liberation work. As outlined by Tamara Santibanez in her work “Could this be magic? Tattooing as Liberation Work,” the tattoo “...can be transformative- a way to create a new version of yourself. A tattoo can be a coping strategy, a manifesto, or a bold declaration. Tattoos are armor. Being able to access these types of expressions can make us feel freer as individuals, and affirms the values that bring us into ourselves.”

With this framework in mind, Tattoos by C-Monie aims to establish a brand consistent with liberation politics, maintaining that tattoo work ought to be applied with consideration, awareness, and care towards the patient/client.2 In order to fully address societal traumas that may be carried in the psychologies of individuals that want to be tattooed at my place of business, Tattoos by C-Monie implements meditation services, as practiced in Zen Buddhism, to instruct the patient/client in a way of self-sufficient-self care.