Decker doesn't just lend materials on art. We exhibit them too.

Decker Library hosts exhibitions that typically rotate on a monthly basis. Decker staff curate exhibitions of items in our special collections and archives as well as items available for circulation.

MICA students, staff, and faculty can submit a proposal to curate library displays and exhibits. Use this form to submit a proposal. Questions? Contact Access Services at circ@mica.edu.


After the last couple years living through historical events and constantly redefining "normal", what are we taking with us and what are we leaving behind? We are accepting works that explore themes of revivals, renewals, metamorphosis, and change. 

The Decker Library is proud to display artwork on a semester-long basis during the fall and spring terms. Submit your artwork to be included in our 6th Decker Library Community Show, "Backwards & Forwards," on display from September 19, 2022 - December 9, 2022! ⁠

Artwork can be submitted through July 15, 2022. Artists whose work is chosen for display will be informed within 1-2 weeks of submission.⁠ Submit your work today!


From Here to There and Everywhere
May 23 - July 15, 2022


What is a line? A stroke or mark on a surface…a row of people waiting at the grocery store…the connection between point A and point B…or another kind of connection, a telephone connection…or the underground pipes passing natural gas from one area of the city to another…or the horizontal row of words on a page buttressed by a margin…like these.

While not as infinite, the many functions of the line in art are vast. It could be argued that the line has been present since humankind’s first attempts to create visual imagery, in cave paintings and prehistoric marks on stone. With the development of drawing, pattern-making, and calligraphy, for example, the line has taken on many more roles in the arts throughout history beyond simply image-making. As one of the seven visual elements of art, a building block, the line continues to serve as a basic principle in art that artists transgress, complicate, and challenge. Across time and cultures, the line remains a fundamental element of art and image-making. This exhibit explores the line across many art disciplines from drawing and fibers to performance art and architecture. We invite visitors to ruminate on the many ways lines have been used in art over time.



B as in Book
July 25  - September 23, 2022

B as in Book explores the many kinds of alphabet books and abecedaria in our collection. Whether the classic children's ABC's or explorations in type, we've got plenty of ways to learn the alphabet! B as in Book will be on view in the upper level display cases of the library.

The Power of the Fold: Pop-up and Moveable Books from the Decker Library Book Arts Collection
July 25  - September 23, 2022

The Power of the Fold: Pop-up and Moveable Books features some of our most innovative books from book artists like Lois Morrison, Maria Pisano, and Philippe Ug, to name a few.⁠ The Power of the Fold will be on view in the lower level display case of the library.

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We welcome proposals for exhibitions of collections of work from a particular class (e.g. Senior Thesis) or work by individuals. Space is reserved each Spring semester for those who are interested in exhibiting in the library.

If you're interested in displaying work in the library, you can submit a proposal form. For questions about proposals or exhibitions in general, contact Access Services.

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