Decker Library Hours & Events

Our most up-to-date hours and events. During the 2020-2021 Academic Year, the Library is closed to patrons and staff are available online.

Due to COVID-19, Decker Library is closed to all. Decker Library staff work Monday through Friday, mostly online. Please see our Borrow page for more on how to access our collection. 



Upcoming Events

Multi-Institution Event

Remote Emote

Remote Emote is an event organized by staff at MICA's Decker Library, Towson's Albert S. Cook Library, and Anne Arundel Community College's Truxal Library. This event is intended to provide library workers with a space to share our experiences shifting to new, remote models of service. We’ll begin with a panel discussion with our three keynote speakers, in which they will have an opportunity to share how their institutions created and enacted plans, modified services and handled communications in the wake of global pandemic. Thereafter, we invite attendees to participate in breakout discussions.

Past Events

Outreach & Engagement

Art & The Archive

Art & The Archive, launched Fall 2020, is a conversation series that will explore the role of the archive in the production of art and culture. Featured speakers will include writers, archivists, artists, and researchers who all engage with archives in meaningful ways. Attendees can expect a lively, expansive discussion of how archives unfold in our everyday lives.

This series is sponsored by Decker Library, in collaboration with the Art History and Humanistic Studies Departments.

Banner image with the main title, "Art & The Archive" and subtitle "A Conversation Series"

Outreach & Engagement

Special Events: Info Lit (3/30/20 - 6/6/20)

Info Lit on Instagram Live (@micadeckerlibrary), March 30 - May 6, 2020

Info Lit was a series of discussions with Library staff, artists, alumni, and others about art and design research. Info Lit, short for information literacy - and lit being a slang term dating as far back as the 1910s [1] - is the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information. Generally across the profession, Library staff are passionate about learning about the information needs of our communities so that we can help folks make informed choices and feel empowered in our space and beyond.

All future Info Lit events will be included on the Google calendar above. Info Lit is hosted by Jennifer Ferretti ('07) (@thecitythatreads), Digital Initiatives Librarian.

Past Info Lit events:

- 03/30/2020: Heather Slania, Decker Library Director (@heathergalaxy).
- 03/31/2020: Siân Evans, Information Literacy and Instructional Design Librarian (@thereluctantlibrarian).
- 04/07/2020: Sid Champagne, Resource Sharing Coordinator (@sidchampagne).
- 04/09/2020: Akea Brionne Brown, MICA Alum, artist, curator (@akeabrionne).
- 04/23/2020: Rafael Soldi, MICA Alum, artist, curator (@rafaelsoldi).
- 04/29/2020: Arvay Adams, MICA alum, artist, business owner (@arvayadams & @thissportinglife).
- 05/06/2020: Barbara Calderón, artist, curator, art librarian (School of Visual Arts) (@sadsirena).

[1] https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/lit-meaning-origin