We Are Decker Library!

We are partners with faculty in student learning, specifically relating to information literacy. We help anyone in the MICA community find what they are looking for. Together, we strive to create a space that embodies our values and fulfills our mission.

Mission of Decker Library

The mission of Decker Library is to empower MICA community members to make informed choices in their work and lives. We aspire to be a hub for socially engaged artists, designers, and educators in Baltimore, contributing to a more equitable world.

Core Values

  • Innovative: We foster creativity and new ideas.
  • Inclusive: We provide a welcoming space for learning, inspiration, and discovery.
  • Inquisitive: We encourage curiosity and exploration.


  • Participatory Library: Facilitate conversations to create beneficial knowledge.
  • Critical Librarianship: Promote critical thinking, engaged citizenship, and anti-racist frameworks.
  • Beta Space: Allow for prototyping new ideas.
  • Campus Partnerships: Collaborate to enhance support for learning.

We Support You

Decker Library recognizes that diversity, equity, inclusion, and internationalization are central to our role. Through our programs, instruction, materials, and space, we actively work at creating a more equitable, diverse, and reflective place of learning at MICA. We believe that these efforts increase our individual and collective creativity and excellence. We support deep engagement with developing practices and programs that promote these initiatives and strive to always do better ourselves.

Decker Library: Commitment to Solidarity and Anti-Racism

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and others fighting against police brutality and anti-Black racism.

Our Efforts

  • Uplifting Black Voices: Amplify Black voices, purchase from Black creators, and support our Black community.
  • Unpacking Racism: Uncover and address racist practices and structures.

Take Action! We encourage you to take action today, whether through donating, supporting Black creators, educating, or practicing self-care.

Contact Us

  • General Questions: circ@mica.edu, 410-225-2272
  • Research Questions: refer@mica.edu, 410-225-2273
  • Mailing Address: 1300 W. Mount Royal Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217
  • Location: 1401 W. Mount Royal Ave., Baltimore, MD 21217