Sausage Fest 2020 2020 Collective Performance
#selfcare 2020 Soy wax 3x6x9”
Miami Sunset 2020 Mono Print on Half Stretched Canvas 24x48”
Soundless (compressed sculpture) 2020 PLA Filament, hair, and yarn on board 8x10”
Virtual Hug (compressed sculpture) 2020 PLA filament, 3d printing, polythene net, & Holographic packaging on board 4x6”

My work examines the ubiquity of pollutions. My honest hope is to inform viewers that we do not necessarily need to be making any more disposable materials. I use remnants of 3D printing PLA filament, polyethylene netting, glass, wax, synthetic hair and thread, as representation of samples of sounds.  In these works, I explore the complex relationship between 2D and 3D, hence the term “compressed sculptures.” The flattened sculptures contain their own destruction as well as their own shifting and changing. If the sound is the destruction of the thing, or breaking, or falling apart, does the thing recycle? Does it become a transformer? What else can happen with these materials? In this case, they become art. But can they become something else, and do we hear the destruction of the materials happening? The sound pollution? A lot of pollution comes from sound. Sometimes, humans grow so accustomed to “background” or “white” noise that they do not even notice it is happening. We should not assume that these beautiful but toxic materials are unchangeable. These materials are more than just unrecycled waste, they are the reflection of a dark capitalist meme that we are buying into and living in.