But is ‘mothers of’ precise? Should I say ‘singers of’ instead? 2020 Acrylic, graphite, weaving and embroidery on quilted fabrics 72 x 80 inches
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine. 2020 Acrylic, collage, applique, natural dye on canvas 70 x 84 inches
The many-gendered mothers of my heart 2020 Acrylic, graphite, natural dye on quilted fabrics 22 x 40 inches
That which heals may also poison 2020 Acrylic, ink, applique on fabric 60 x 70 inches

Rooted in painting and quilting traditions, my artmaking practice begins as a straightforward formal process concerning color, shape, and my intuitive relationship with the material. These works slip between figuration and abstraction while blending found and made materials. The interplay of material metaphorically illustrates a concept in psychotherapy called the Third.  According to this theory, when two (or more) people come together in a mutual act of recognition, they create a new third thing. A separate entity that is their relationship. Much like the Third, quilting has a powerful history of blending sundry materials into new entities. Quilting traditions also contain a long lineage of secret symbolism or encoded language. In my work, the figurative symbols are private. Though not always recognizable to the viewer, through my private narratives I am trying to create a complex psychological presence examining group think, companionship, and the transitive power of gesture.