Hair Stories : Where hair types from 3C to 4C meet a the root - Website 2020

Hair in the African American community has always been a trending movement. It’s indicative of how we carry ourselves in society and exist in spaces that are not diverse. My thesis is on the study of curl types within African American culture. I want to highlight how natural hair is becoming more important for African Americans in order to explore our historic roots and self acceptance. You're probably wondering,"What exactly is a curl type ?" Hair or curl types are divided into sub classifications, from A to C, that are based upon the diameter of the wave, curl or coil."What is natural hair?" Natural hair is not chemically processed but it does require care. I seek to inform and educate viewers about why natural hair is beautiful and acceptable. I am intrigued by stereotypes that have been placed on women of color and their hair. For me, transitioning to my natural hair was a journey to finding myself and stripping myself of society’s cultural molds for black women. Transitioning is beyond physical, it is mental and spiritual. Storytelling through hair has been sown into the history of black culture and I intend to continue that story.