Technology Services

Telephone Services

Calling a Campus Extension

Any MICA extension can be accessed on campus by dialing the last 4 digits of the phone number.

Dialing Off Campus

To dial off-campus, dial 9 and the phone number, including area code.


Contact the Help Desk to report phone malfunctions or request repairs.

Telephone Handset Navigation and Manual

Model 4020

Model 4028

Model 8028/s

Voice Mail

Requests for a new voicemail box, or voicemail reset can be sent to the Help Desk 

Some users can have copies of their voicemail messages sent as an audio file to their MICA email. If you would like your email associated with your voice mailbox, have your supervisor contact the Help Desk.

To check messages from campus, press the envelope button on your phone set or dial *## and enter your password.

Access your voicemail from off-campus by dialing MICA's main line, (410) 669 - 9200. After you hear a tone and before the phone menu begins, press #. Enter the last 4 digits of your number (mailbox number) then enter your password.



  • 0 - Help / Playback Options
  • 1 - Back up 5 seconds
  • 1, 1 - Back up to the beginning of a message
  • 2 - Pause / Resume
  • 3 - Advance 5 seconds
  • 3, 3 - Skip to the end of message
  • 4 - Decrease in speed
  • 4, 4 - Play at slowest possible speed
  • 5 - Envelope Info (Date/Time/Phone/Length)
  • 6 - Increase speed
  • 6, 6 - Play at fastest possible speed
  • # - Skip to next message
  • #, # - Listen to saved messages
  • * - Quit


  • 4 - replay
  • 5 - envelope info
  • 6 - forward message
  • 7 - delete
  • 9 - save
  • # - Skip
  • #, # - Listen to saved messages

Call Forwarding & Do Not Disturb 

If you need to forward your calls to another extension, you can do so by dialing *60 and enter the desired extension at the prompt. To deactivate call forwarding, dial *64 from your extension.

Do not disturb - *78 (code 0000), allows a user to temporarily stop calls from coming to their phone. Outside calls will go to voicemail. Inside calls will get a message that the user is unavailable. Dial *78 to cancel.

Transferring a Call

While on a call,

  1. Ask the caller to hold while they are transferred.
  2. Push the Transfer button on your phone, this puts the caller on hold.
  3. Dial the extension - example 2464 or outside phone number, including “9” for an outside line.
  4. Push the Transfer button again.

Cell Phones 

Policy Update Coming Soon.


Verizon Voicemail is provided for each cell phone. To set up voicemail, you must dial the cell phone number and interrupt it with a # sign, and enter the password. The initial password is 1 plus the last 4 digits of the cell phone number.

All MICA cell phones are given 350 allowable minutes on the America Choice Plan unless the department approves a higher plan based on usage. This plan covers any long-distance service in the United States. Monthly summaries of Cell phone usage is sent to the respective Department Head. If a Cell phone user continually goes over the minutes then the Department Head has the right to take away the cell phone privilege.

Please remember that all cell phones come with a 2-year contract, so if an employee leaves, that cell phone must be passed on to another employee otherwise Mica incurs a $175 early contract termination fee.

If you are experiencing any problems with your cell phone, please contact Help Desk at