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Adobe Creative Cloud

To ensure that the most essentials tools are available here at MICA, students/faculty/staff have access to industry-standard software.

Accessing Creative Cloud

You may use your "" account and login to to install Creative Cloud and manage your Adobe ID account.

If you are experiencing access issues, please contact Help Desk.


  • This software can be used on two computers under a single license.
  • To use this software on another computer, please download, install, and run the Creative Cloud desktop application onto your computer.  After opening the software, sign into the software with your Adobe ID, and you should be able to install and use the Adobe program(s) of your choice.
  • Adobe developed a "Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool" to help resolve installation issues that may arise when installing the Creative Cloud software.  It is a useful resource if you have encountered issues in installing this software on your computer.
  • If the Creative Cloud software says that you're running a trial version, please make sure that you're signing into the software using the correct Adobe account. 
  • Any further questions or requests for assistance with this software should be directed to Help Desk or create a service ticket.

There are humans behind this technology and we're here to help.

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