Provided Software & Services

File Storage Servers

MICA users have local servers and shared folders to store files when you're out of Google Drive storage.

Picasso & Rosebud

Picasso is the home for all undergraduate storage needs.  It contains both academic faculty departmental storage as well course folders (except the Film & Video department).

Rosebud is the home for all Film & Video departmental storage and course folders.

Departmental Storage (Faculty) 

Faculty members needing access to their departmental resources should contact the Help Desk if they encounter issues.

Course Folder Access

Faculty and Student access to course folders is maintained by enrollment data.  Individuals only have access to course folders for courses they are enrolled in.

Course Folder Lifecycle

Course folders are automatically generated 15 days prior to the start of a semester.  When this happens, old course folders are automatically moved to the ‘_Previous Semester’ folder where faculty members retain their access to their course folders for the following two semesters.  

Ex: Spring 2019 courses are available through Summer and Fall 2019, but are removed when the Spring 2020 semester folder generation starts.

Students only have access to their currently active semester course folders.

Connecting to File Servers

The shared folders should automatically mount on classroom computers, but below you can find instructions for manually connecting to Picasso, Rosebud, or Citarum while on-campus:

Note: Our AnyConnect VPN is required for off-campus access.

File Migration Strategies

Moving files away from Google Drive? Take a look at these strategies to optimally store your data onto a MICA file server.