Two characters I created in a concept art class standing on top of a roof, backlit by a sunset. + Enlarge
Beginning 2021 Digital
Ghost character with many hands, looking spooky. + Enlarge
Haunt 2021 Digital
The main character from my thesis working on understanding the inner workings of a robot, after having visited a junkyard on the western coast of the land she lives in. + Enlarge
Junkyard 2021 Digital
The two main characters from my thesis,  stumbling upon a rarely visited city within a canyon. + Enlarge
Tempest 2022 Digital
Character I created in a concept art class, while I was experimenting with detail and shading and such. + Enlarge
Miara 2021 Digital
Character I created sitting on a large windowsill, looking down at the town below. + Enlarge
Lens 2021 Digital
My main character from my thesis, heading home to see her parents on their farm. + Enlarge
Homestead 2021 Digital

Keb Bannister combines character design with world building as the foundation of his work. His illustrations tend to be based in fantasy, with some features of realism. Medieval and fantasy fashion/architecture as well as different aspects of nature are important factors within his work.

Illustration (BFA) Students