Young Adult coming of age comedy book (fictional), book cover design. Digital art with watercolor textures scanned in, pieced together like a collage. It features illustrations of a map being drawn, cranes flying, apples, dice, alongside the main figure, + Enlarge
Kiss Me Tenderly for Cartography 2022 Digital + Watercolor
Book cover for Suzanne Collin's "The Hunger Games" book. Features an illustration of the arena alongside little details hidden in the woods such as main characters, snakes, berries, arrows. + Enlarge
The Hunger Games 2021 Digital
Two page comic spread using digital and watercolor techniques. Features a young woman working in a lighthouse (scrubbing the floor, reporting on the weather, cleaning the light). + Enlarge
The Lady of the Lighthouse Comic 2021 Digital, Watercolor
Black and white spot illustrations made to be chapter head illustrations for an original chapter book pitch. Shows eight of the twelve final images alongside a mock-up of how it would be formatted for printing. + Enlarge
Camp Antagonist Chapter Illustrations 2022 Digital, Watercolor
A character design line up of 7 original characters for an illustrated book pitch. Five are children, one is a middle-aged man, and one is an unidentifiable figured that is cloaked. + Enlarge
Camp Antagonist Character Designs 2022 Digital
Children's illustration depicting a human man cooking with his six children who all resemble moths (antennae, dark eyes, wings). The youngest child is strapped to the man in a baby bundle, resembling a cocoon.  They're in a kitchen cooking. One moth child + Enlarge
Moth Dad 2020 Digital
Landscape digital illustration that shows a forest divided by a river. In the foreground sits an orange bird perched on a tree root. In the background is a group of rocks with a sword stuck in the middle, a bright light source shines down onto the sword. + Enlarge
Excalibur 2022 Digital

Honie is a narrative illustrator who grew up in Southern California where, at one point in her early childhood, she was let loose in a library and never looked back. Merging her love of writing into her vibrant digital illustrations, Honie creates magical worlds inspired by her own childhood daydreams. Currently based in Greenville, South Carolina, Honie works in the KidLit through Young Adult book art and comic industry. 

Illustration (BFA) Students