Illustration (BFA)

Character design based on a mythological crows from Norse mythology. + Enlarge
Huginn and Muninn 2021 Digital
Rainbow Limbo Park + Enlarge
Rainbow Limbo Park-poster 2022 Adobe Illustrator 10 x 18"
Dreamy staircase up with cannabis plants alongside + Enlarge
Cannabis Steps 2022 Digital Illustration 18x24 inches
Cinema of Memories is about the existence of the self in buried memories. + Enlarge
Cinema of Memories (1) 2022 Lithograph
Rusty brown ceramic structure sitting on blue-dyed fabric with a smooth, brown, chipboard background. The structure resembles a turtle shell encrusted with ceramic critters and organic groupings of porous texture. The shell is like an upside-down basket w + Enlarge
Turtle Shell (3) 2022 Discarded studio clay, found local earthenware clay, glass bottles 18" x 15" x 7"
Young Adult coming of age comedy book (fictional), book cover design. Digital art with watercolor textures scanned in, pieced together like a collage. It features illustrations of a map being drawn, cranes flying, apples, dice, alongside the main figure, + Enlarge
Kiss Me Tenderly for Cartography 2022 Digital + Watercolor
Character I created in a concept art class, while I was experimenting with detail and shading and such. + Enlarge
Miara 2021 Digital
an assortment of characters for a setting in an eastern european science fiction narrative, with costuming and designs aiming to represent several slavic diasporas + Enlarge
Character Lineups for The Bogatyr Project Digital
Creature + Character Designs for a horror game based in Singapore, featuring my interpretation of South East Asian ghosts/creatures. + Enlarge
Thesis - Karang Guni Digital
+ Enlarge
Digital drawing of three aliens, with the middle alien breaking earth in half into crumbles, leading down to the mean title, "THE SCOTTS". + Enlarge
THE SCOTTS 2020 Digital
Showing the modern and traditional culture of Korea was the starting idea of this project. The modern part is shown through the Korean high-school student characters. The traditional culture part can be seen in the Korean wonderland and the goblins that r + Enlarge
K-Wonderland Character Design 2021 Digital
+ Enlarge
All Seasons Utopia 02 Digital
Gazing out at Flushing, the Chinese quarter, I felt as if I were looking at goldfish in a shiny plastic aquarium. In the container with a strong sense of plastic, all the culture that one should be familiar with and deeply rooted in his heart has become t + Enlarge
Gold Fish Digital 34x22 in
Illustration (BFA) Students