Stephen Perozziello

Kinetic Energy video 2021 Animation

Mech: I know you can hear me Grayson! either you hand over your genetic research or I'll bring this entire building down in search of it!

Grayson: You can't do this.

Mech: I'm sorry, but there's nothing else I can do.

Raiden: This has gone far enough!

Luz: We've seen the things you've been up to!

Iggy: And its time someone put a stop to it!

Mech: You have no idea what you're doing, get out of here!

Raiden: Not without that data you stole!


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Kinetic Energy 01 2021 Animation
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Kinetic Energy 02 2021 Animation
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Kinetic Energy 03 2021 Animation

a mysterious suspect piloting a robotic mech suit has been breaking in and stealing genetic research from various science facilities. luckily a band of mutated heroes step in to put a stop to the villain's wrath.  little do these heroes know that this mysterious mech pilot might not be so mysterious after all.