Animation (BFA)

The Last Remark (Teaser) 2021 2D Digital Hand-Drawn Animation
How to Make Electronic Music - Animated Short Film Trailer (Video) 2021 Digital
The Getaway Dude (Video) 2021 2D Digital Animation
Sunlight (Video) 2021 Digital - Procreate
Concept work and additional drawings for the characters from Sunlight.
Sunlight 01 2021 Digital - Procreate
Characters with patterned fiber textures on their skin dance on rooftops and embrace, while capitalist forces (FED agents, a man wrapped in patterns with a rental agreement as skin) loom... + Enlarge
Manorholes Highrise (Still 04) 2021 Digital
"Kwento Nila" (Their Stories) Thesis Film Trailer 2020 3D Animation/Blender
Elegiac (Video) 2021 Digital 2D Animation
Director's Cut (Video) 2021 2d animation
The Crabtrap Crew video 2021 Animation
An Afternoon Walk 2020 Animation; Sound
Blink Backstreet in Korea 2021 2D Animation
Kinetic Energy video 2021 Animation
A Cart's Journey & Those Who Push It 01 2021 Digital
Igneous and Nettle video 2D Digital Animation
milo breaks up with his girlfriend, animation 2021 digital hand-drawn 2d animation
Grandpa's Beans: Snippet Teaser 2021 Animated video
Character Model Sheets/Turnarounds 2019 Photoshop, Drawn on Paper
Lucid Dreams video 2020 Stop motion animation
A figure laying in bed jolts awake falling into a cavern of color and clutter. Exploring this cavern, she discovers different objects, then the clutter begins to shift… inching closer…and closer.
Lucid Dreams 3 2020 Stop motion animation