This piece of art represents modern people carrying their identities.The background is Baltimore City. + Enlarge
Baltimozteca 2017 Burlap fabric, chipboard, wood dowels, curtain rod 72 x 60” x 20”
Can you imagine to take a shower with soda? Nicaragua has trouble with access to fresh water, but soda is easily available. + Enlarge
Where is the Water? 2020 Hose, rubber strips, metal tubes, Coca-Cola jumbo size, water with food color, shower fixtures, PVC 4 way connector 88” x 34” x 18”
Piñatas are typical for parties in Nicaragua. Transnational products are overtaking natural products in the country. The piñata opens to spill out trash. + Enlarge
Trash Container 2020 Wood, plaster, piñata, tissue paper, snack food packaging, plastic bags 130” x 115” x 35”

My art uses traditional objects and cultural activities combined with and in contrast to mass produced products creating uncomfortable compositions and tensions. Pollution, exploitation and displacement of workers is growing, creating poverty. Vibrant colors, traditional architectural spaces, rhythms and sounds that represent my identity are predominant in my work. Through community involvement, installations, sculptures, and films, I engage viewers with the complex issues globalization has brought to Nicaragua.