eattheworld 2020 Single-channel video. Strobe warning: This video contains rapid changes in light and color that may be harmful to those with photosensitive conditions.
earthchanges 2020 Single-channel video
motherofthousands 2021 Single-channel video
thelamentofeverything 2021 Single-channel video

Consisting of five distinct video chapters, thankyoubeautifulthings is an abstracted exploration of the human experience–individually and relationally, as seen through a deeply personal lens. Through the weaving together of found and original footage, thankyoubeautifulthings seeks to find a common visual and theoretical language between seemingly disparate source material, revealing the interconnectivity* of all things. Sound and images are pushed to the brink of their readability and beyond, dissolving and diffusing into one another to create something new entirely. Straddling the futuristic and atavistic, esoteric and universal, thankyoubeautifulthings is not an attempt to answer grand philosophical questions, but rather to revel in the very space of not-understanding. 

*“[…]that all parts of a system interact with and rely on one another simply by the fact that they occupy the same system, and that a system is difficult or sometimes impossible to analyze through its individual parts considered alone.