Tips for an Effective Proposal

Submit Early!

  •  Submissions will be returned to you if there are any components that don't meet the submission guidelines.  In order to ensure that you are notified of any disqualifying elements, it is suggested that you submit no later than 24 hours prior to the submission deadline.  revised proposals will not be accepted after the deadline.  
  • The 9:00am E.S.T. deadline is strict so please do not wait until the last minute to submit your proposal.

Communicate effectively 

  • Explain how the awarded funds will allow you to develop new work or explore new territories in your current practice. Graduate Research Development Grants are meant to support students looking to expand upon or deviate from their current work to promote development and new experiences as an artist, performer, designer or scholar.  Make sure to communicate how your project falls into this category.

Include supplemental materials

  • If partnerships are essential to your project, make sure they are documented through letters of support or acceptance, emails or other collaborative documentation.
  • Visual references are always appreciated as they give the viewer a more complete idea of your proposal.  Excellent visuals are one of the easiest ways to get your proposal noticed.  If you do not have any pertinent images of your proposed project, include images of you current work to provide context for the reviewer.

Get help!

  • Have a peer read your draft for feedback on clarity and simple grammatical errors.  Visit the Writing Studio for assistance with your proposal page.  Contact Graduate Studies if you have questions regarding proposal guidelines or the suitability of your proposed project.  You may also schedule a one on one draft review with Graduate Studies if time permits. 

Review Committee Rubric

  • The review committee uses a scoring rubric to help assess proposal submissions.  This rubric is provided below to help guide you through the creation of your proposal.