Graduate Research Development Grants

Grant Recipient Requirements

Awarded applicants will need to submit a 1-2 page summary to the Office of graduate Studies. Funds will be collected through workday depending on your student status.

Award Payments:

Check or direct deposit will be issued upon receipt of an award through Financial Aid.  Students will no longer need to cover costs out of pocket and will not be required to complete additional financial paperwork to receive payment.  Graduate Studies will contact and coordinate payments with the awardee directly.  It is important that the awardee has no outstanding fines or fees on their student account to receive the full balance of their award. A thorough summary report is still required of all recipients.

A one-page summary report  

The summary report is due no later than 6 months after receiving the selection announcement email.   Reports should outline the results or progress of your proposed work.  Please include any images of your work or of travel destinations as a part of your summary.

Example of an excellent summary report