Applications that do not meet the following requirements will not be accepted for committee review.

Assemble a single PDF Portfolio that includes no more and no less than 3 pages formatted for 8.5x11 (landscape or portrait.)  Your proposal should be submitted in the following order.

  1. Cover Page that lists your name, program, graduation year and proposal title.
  2. Proposal Page outlining how you will use the awarded funds and in what way it will develop or expand your work and/or artistic practice.  Proposal text can not be extended to other pages and needs to fit to page two of your proposal.
  3. Budget page with a table that lists the expenses of your proposal including those that will not be covered by the awarded grant.  your proposal should not extend to your budget page however notes directly pertaining to your budget may be included on this page for clarification.

NOTE: Supporting documents (plane tickets, acceptance letters, conference invitations or images of work) are not required but aid immensely in the visualization of your project.  These items should be included in your PDF following your 3 page proposal.

Examples of properly formatted proposals: 

   Example 1  -  Example 2  -  Example 3

Title your proposal PDF document as follows:

   Last_First_CycleDate.pdf   (Lundholm_Drew_Spring20.pdf)

Email your proposal PDF to Drew Lundholm at using the following subject line:  Graduate Research Development Grant Application.  Applications and application revisions submitted past the cycle deadline of 9:00am E.S.T. on the due date will not be accepted.   Early submission is highly recommended to ensure acceptance.