Sustainable Eating

Food and dining services at schools can significantly impact carbon emissions, the environment, our health, labor and life around our campus. By procuring food, energy and water in a responsible and sustainable manner, MICA's food service can help support the schools effort by reducing greenhouse gas emissions related to food practices.
  • Parkhurst Dining Services switched to tray-less dining in the Meyerhoff Dining Hall, thus reducing the amount of food waste by more than half, as well as reducing the need to wash the trays in the dishwasher along with plates. This also reduces need usage of heated water.
  • Locally grown seasonal fruits and produce are served on our campus through Parkhurst's FarmSource Program. A sign is posted in the Meyerhoff Dining Hall daily with the fresh items currently being served.
  • MICA purchases fair-trade coffee from suppliers who pay their employees a living wage for picking and preparing coffee for export.
  • Spent fryer oil is converted to bio-diesel fuel (Parkhurst only uses trans fat-free canola oil, a healthier alternative).

Local purchasing  

Parkhurst vettes providers that they work with through their "Know Your Source" Program, which works directly with farmers and small business owners to forge trusted and fruitful relationships and ultimately serve nutritious and sustainably sourced food while greatly reducing the distance food travels from harvest to table. Some of the local providers Parkhurst has relationships with are:

and many more!


MICA was the first college or university in the City of Baltimore to begin and maintain a composting program!  All food waste from the college cafeteria in the Meyerhoff and from participating events is collected and taken to an off-campus composting facility.  Cardboard can also be composted.  Parkhurst uses a variety of compostable serveware for catered events as well as in their campus retail locations; including flatware, take-out containers, and hot and cold cups. MICA community members may drop off their personal kitchen scraps and compostable materials in our post-consumer collection bin, located near the Meyerhoff Piano Room.


For more information about Parkhurst Dining Services at MICA and their commitment to sustainability, click here.