Biodiversity & Landscaping


MICA's horticultural management program includes: the use of organic fertilizers, organic weed killers, organic pest control products, environmentally-friendly snow and ice melt, and propane powered lawn mowers. A large portion of our landscape debris (plant material, tree branches, leaves, etc.) are composted at an offsite-location.


Since 2008, MICA has planted over 200 new trees on and around campus. This includes the total redevelopment of Pearlstone Park near Mt. Royal Station, and landscaping "Lazarus Plaza" at the I-83 bridge over North Avenue near the intersection of Mt Royal Ave. The school also worked with AMTRAK to improve, landscape, and re-foliate the AMTRACK pit near the Founders Green dormitory. MICA always uses organic fertilizers for its landscaping. 


MICA practices integrated pest management on campus, focusing on education, prevention, proper sanitation, the use of monitoring devices, and regular building envelope inspections.