MICA Campus Sustainability

Here are a few ways MICA is sustainable on campus:

Filtered water coolers  

Filtered water coolers have been installed throughout the campus to reduce or eliminate the use of bottled water. Additionally, systems have been installed in some buildings that filter potable water. The water coolers have the further advantages of providing hot or cold water, and they help reduce the spread of germs by discouraging people from drinking from water fountains. In addition, they save the space that was being occupied by 5-gallon water bottles. Another added benefit is that there are fewer delivery trucks on campus.

Hand dryers

Hand dryers have been installed in many MICA restrooms to reduce the use of paper towels. Hand dryers have several advantages over paper towels. Paper towels must be stocked daily, are thrown into the landfill when used, consume trees to manufacture, and must be delivered on a regular basis. Once installed, energy efficient hand dryers are able to dry hands at a fraction of the cost of paper towels and produce no mess.

LED lighting  

Highly efficient LED lighting has been installed in some of the school's gallery spaces, in the Brown Center atrium, and in Falvey Hall. The LED bulbs replaced halogen bulbs, which typically consumed from 100 watts to up to 300 watts, with LED bulbs that consume no more than 18 watts of electricity. The LED bulbs also produce less heat, thereby reducing the amount of cooling needed in the buildings. The lifespan of an LED bulb is up to 10 years, whereas halogen bulbs have to be changed several times each semester. This helps reduce maintenance costs.

Conserving energy  

MICA has reduced its energy consumption by installing energy efficient lighting throughout every MICA building, installing motion sensors to automatically turn off lights when spaces are not being used, and installing updated energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

Paints and solvents

MICA now uses low VOC or no VOC paints on the interior and exterior of its buildings. Paints containing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can potentially cause negative health effects.

Green cleaning  

Facilities Management's Buildings Services staff now uses certified green products for their cleaning efforts. The staff also uses toilet tissue, paper towels, and trash bags that are made from recycled materials.

Promoting bicycle use 

MICA has installed bicycle racks convenient to every building on campus, in order to encourage bicycle use.

Use of zero-emission vehicles  

MICA's Operations staff uses a combination of electric and hybrid vehicles for day-to-day operations. These vehicles help to reduce exhaust emissions, reduce the use of fossil fuels, and reduce noise pollution. 

Procurement policy

MICA considers the development of draft language centered around environmentally friendly procurement and purchasing plan tenants, which could be incorporated in the new procurement policy.

Electric car charging stations 

MICA provides charging stations in the Lazarus, Bunting, Leake, North Avenue, and 1501 parking lots, in order to encourage electric car use.

Conforming to local, state, and federal regulations

MICA complies with all relevant regulations regarding the use and disposal of chlorofluorocarbons and refrigerant gases.