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Office of Culture and Identity

The Office of Culture and Identity (OCI) supports our future generations of artists, designers, scholars, and educators. We support the development of students' identity and art practice and examine how their work can interrogate social and cultural matters.

OCI  believes in the power of learning about, celebrating and communicating across  differences - differences in our identity, cultures, beliefs, and  experiences. The work we do envisions an anti-racist world where art and the power of connection are the foundations for harmony.

We value identity, anti-racism, and to harmony.  
We seek to: develop your personal and social identity to learn more about who you are and who you want to be; use an anti-racist approach to our signature programs and how we operate as an office; and promote harmony with, across and because of our differences.

Learn more about our programs below, or come visit us at 1210 W Mount Royal Avenue. We are located next door to the Art Tech Center, with an accessible entrance through the first floor elevator. 

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Office of Culture and Identity


1210 W Mount Royal Ave 2nd Floor Baltimore, MD 21217