Student Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

The Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) are the collective expression of the learning environment (knowledge, skills, and dispositions) the College offers to any student enrolled in a degree program. Serving as the foundation for the curricular and co-curricular experiences that we offer, these outcomes represent the fundamental toolkit that enable students to live out the College’s mission after they graduate.

We value the following outcomes equally, and the order in which they are presented is not intended to be hierarchical.

  1. MICA students will have expertise in their chosen discipline(s), including an understanding of the historical context of their field, the technical skills required for purposeful application, and the knowledge necessary to maintain a professional practice.
  2. MICA students will synthesize ideas and experiences to generate questions and respond with inventive and imaginative thinking and making.
  3. MICA students will envision, implement, and evaluate various possibilities as part of their creative practices and critical processes.
  4. MICA students will gather; evaluate critically; and effectively and responsibly use information. 
  5. MICA students will articulate how their values inform their creative practice.
  6. MICA students will demonstrate understanding of the importance of creative practices and their impact on communities, society, and the world.
  7. MICA students will understand the interconnectedness of local and global issues and be able to ethically engage a variety of cultural contexts.
  8. MICA students will take informed and responsible action when addressing issues of equity, inclusion, and social and environmental justice.

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