Student Learning Outcomes

Student Professional Development Goals

Professional Development at MICA is defined as the learning of skills by the emerging professional artist/designer/scholar that encompass both knowledge to aid graduates when functioning as a professional in their chosen field as well as ways to live their lives as a committed working artist, designer or scholar.

In addition, graduates are exposed to skills that will assist them in balancing work and life while continuing their studio practice.

In 2005 Departmental Chairs set Core Skills and Objectives as an integral part of a strategic plan to incorporate Professional Development into all levels of the curriculum. The intent is for students to learn these skills along with developing their studio work. Students are exposed to the Professional Development Core Skills and Objectives through:

  • Designated courses required of each major, including a PD 455 Professional Practice for the Visual Artist, a 3-credit course open to all students in their Junior year.
  • Instruction integrated into their studio and academic courses.
  • Workshops and seminars presented weekly by Career Development which many faculty require of their students.

While Professional Development is integrated into all levels of the academic curriculum, it recognizes that graduates may expand the focus of their professional practice beyond those targeted in their chosen major. Therefore, the Core Skills strive to prepare students with a range of abilities applicable to many disciplines and the ability to learn new skills, as needed for future endeavors.