MICA Parents

Welcome Incoming MICA Parents

We are looking forward to welcoming your student to campus this fall! Over the next four years you will find that our expansive MICA family, that includes administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, supporters, and fellow parents and families are standing by ready to help you and support your student.

When your student attends MICA, you become part of a MICA Family!  

MICA parents and family members are an important part of a successful MICA experience for students. The Office of Parent Engagement helps you stay connected to the college by providing services, programs and resources designed to keep you informed and engaged.

Through events, communications, volunteer opportunities and the Parents Fund, our team is continually building relationships and creating avenues for parents to feel informed, connected and involved in the life of the school and its advancement.

Our team is here to be a resource for you so that you can, in turn, be a good resource for your student and help them make the most of the art school experience.

Family Guide and Resources

We've curated a page just for parents and families with frequently asked questions, links to different departments and more! Check it out below.

Help Support MICA Today!

Parent & family philanthropy plays a crucial role in building and shaping an exemplary educational experience for MICA students. Parents & families support students through internships and career opportunities and through financial contributions that impact all areas of student life.

Office of Parent Relations

MICA Parent Relations