Welcome perspective exchange students! We are pleased that you are interested in the Maryland Institute College of Art. Please take some time to explore the various webpages, starting with the MICA homepage, to learn more about what makes our institution a wonderful place to live and study.

Does Your Institution have an Exchange Agreement with MICA?

Take a moment to consult with the study abroad and exchange office of your home institution to determine if the Maryland Institute College of Art is an exchange partner.  The Office of International Education at MICA is also a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) consortium, which supports domestic exchange between member schools, and some overseas partner institutions.  For more information about AICAD, and to see if your institution is a member, please visit the AICAD website for further details.

At this time, MICA is not able to support applications for non-matriculating (visiting students) outside of our student exchange agreements.  If you wish to attend MICA to complete an accredited 4-year degree program, please consult the MICA Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Student Exchange Program Contact Information

Mailing Address

Office of International Education

Maryland Institute College of Art

1300 West Mount Royal Avenue

Baltimore, MD 21217 USA 

Additional Methods of Contact

Phone: +1 410-225-2243 

Fax: +1 410-225-2548  /  Attention:  Mike Rini, Assistant Director, Exchange Student Services

Exchange Program Email:  mrini@mica.edu 

Website: https://www.mica.edu/international-student-services/exchange/

CDC Guidance for Entry to the United States: Updated: 12/31/2021

Dear Prospective Exchange Students:

Welcome to MICA!

We thank you in advance for taking the time to consider joining us in Baltimore, Maryland, as an exchange student, and to experience everything our vibrant community has to offer.

In accordance with the guidance from multiple health agencies, including the CDC, our goal is to ensure a safe and healthy on-campus experience for all students. With this in mind, the Office of International Education requires all future prospective exchange students to review information in the links provided below. The information contained in the official communiques of the U.S. Department of State will help you as you plan your travel to the United States. Additionally, we also recommend that all future potential exchange students contact their local U.S. embassy for specific details regarding the J1 student visa process and the conditions for travel and entry during the pandemic.

In order to ensure a healthy and productive experience as an exchange student at MICA, we are asking that you adhere to this guidance by doing exactly as it requires in order to avoid any potential delays in your arrival to campus. If this guidance changes, or is no longer valid by the time you are slated for departure from your home country, we will remove it from this site.
Lastly, once you are accepted to MICA, you will receive a MICA student ID and student Gmail account. After these 2 items are established, you will begin to receive emails from our community regarding how to prepare for and engage in a healthy and safe manner. Please check your email regularly for details on how to make your exchange semester at MICA successful.

If you should have any questions about this guidance as it relates to your planning, please feel free to contact Mike Rini, Assistant Director of Exchange Services for further details: mrini@mica.edu.

We look forward to welcoming you to Baltimore, Maryland during an up-and-coming semester.


The Office of International Education

Important Information for Exchange Students

Application Process - Apply Here

We are currently accepting applications for the Fall 2022 semester (August to December). The deadline is Friday, April 1, 2022. For further information about joining our creative community, please contact Mike Rini, Assistant Director, Exchange Services: mrini@mica.edu.

Exchange Student Application Requirements

Exchange Student Academic Information

Learn information about the academic calendar for the term you are applying; selecting courses; academic departments; and credit requirements.

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Trying to figure out your budget? Here, you will find information about participation fees and cost of living expenses for living in Baltimore, Maryland.

Tuition and Fees, Housing, Traveling

Schedule an Appointment with a Exchange Student Adviser

Welcome Exchange Students - My name is Mike Rini, Assistant Director of Exchange Services at MICA - it is my sincerest pleasure to meet you! Do you want to know what makes our community so vibrant and creative, and a wonderful place to live and learn? Feel free to connect with me via Zoom this semester - Click the link below to access my Calendly appointment manager - here you will be able to select days and times to schedule an appointment to meet up. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

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