The fishing market is an amphibious structure located at the current shoreline of the town Mompiche. It is a space where tourists and fishermen will be able to come together in a way that is not happening at the moment. Where these two elements exist comp
Amphibious fishing market 2020 Digital render
The Bamboo Trail functions as a link between the current site and the new site. Making the transition between these two areas smoother. It is composed of elevated platforms in order to continue to be functional when sea level rises. Along its path people
Bamboo trail 2020 Digital render
Artisan’s shops along the bamboo trail by Nicole Ponce
Artisan’s shops along the bamboo trail 2020 Digital render
Bamboo Exploration 1 by Nicole Ponce
Bamboo Exploration 1 2020 Bamboo and twine 10” x 5” x 7’
Bamboo Exploration 2 by Nicole Ponce
Bamboo Exploration 2 2020 Bamboo and twine 7” x 3.5” x 4
Bamboo Exploration 3 by Nicole Ponce
Bamboo Exploration 3 2020 Bamboo and twine 8” x 4” x 4”
Exploration of the architectural language of the town of Mompiche
Experimental Drawing 2020 Pencil on paper 11" x 17"
Observations on architectural language in the town of Mompiche
Observational Drawing 2020 Pen on paper 14" x 10"
This aquaculture system is inspired by the Bheri Wastewater Aquaculture System of the Bengalese, India. This system is able to use the city’s wastewater in order to grow fish and crops while at the same time effectively managing waste. The treatment of se
Aquaculture System 2020 Digital drawing
Due to increased sea level rise and annual storm threats are currently affecting and will continue affecting Mompiche over the next years to come. This plan develops a strategy to mitigate the effect of these natural disasters while also targeting the opp
Site development of Mompiche 2020 Digital drawing

The aim of this project is to Increase the eco touristic value and resiliency of the community of Mompiche, a small fishermen’s village in the Coastal region of Ecuador that due to global warming will be facing more challenges. This will be done through the development of the whole town over time with a focus on four main elements, an amphibious fishing market, a bamboo trail, a cultural center and an aquaculture system. Creating a built environment that receives the natural world as an equal shareholder while also giving people a sense of identity and community.

Ecuador has so much to offer the world. It is a land filled with kind and hardworking people, with culture and traditions and with beautiful landscapes. It is time that we start valuing what is ours and start betting on ourselves.