North Elevation
North Elevation 2020 Digital
Water Facade Diagram 2020 Digital
First Floor Plans
First Floor Plans 2020 Digital
Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor Plan 2020 Digital
Device Diagram
Device Diagram 2020 Digital
Inspirations 2020 Digital
Initial Water Exploration 2020 Installation
Erosion Studio 01 2020 Installation
Erosion Studio 02 2020 Installation

By the Stream.

Incorporating architecture into the Natural environment by creating a design that is inspired by water and adapted from nature. The building was a reflection of the time I spent by a stream near my grandmothers home. The stream not only acted as inspiration to my design but also as tool that generated it's form.

"For a long time we thought we were better than the living world, and now some of us tend to think that we are worse...but neither perspective is healthy. We have to remember how it feels to have equal standing in the world, to be "between the mountain... part and parcel of creation."
-Janine Benyus