Why Choose MICA

Comparing MICA

What factors really matter when weighing one college against another? Consider this...

Reputation Matters

It makes a difference when you attend a top-ranked institution of higher learning like MICA that enrolls the best students from around the country and around the world.

Immersion in Rigorous, Creative Artmaking Matters

MICA's focused education in art and design prepare you to enter the "creative economy" - a globally interconnected system of enterprise that relies more and more on the input of a workforce with the talent and and discipline required to innovate and create. Our amazing array of offerings gives you opportunities to cross disciplines, combine programs of study, and chart an individualized course of study.

Creativity + Thinking Skills Matter

Because art begins with an idea, MICA's carefully designed curriculum nurtures the critical balance between the artistic and intellectual. Employers and graduate schools actively recruit MICA graduates for "their creativity, breadth of real-world experience, exceptional artistic and technical skills, and their ability to think creatively."

Individualism Matters

MICA is a student-centered learning environment where respect for creativity and individualism is a highly held value. Personal attention is built into the DNA of the College. Our curriculum and co-curricular programs are designed to develop you as a whole person - from your creative vision and intellectual capacity to the development of your professional skills, confidence, and personal integrity.

Community Matters

MICA attracts a uniquely creative and intelligent community of students. Diversity is highly valued. Talent and commitment to art and design are shared. Collaboration rather than competition motivates our students. You will work side by side with students who are bright, curious, and passionate about their work. They will understand, challenge, and inspire you.

Campus Matters

MICA is unique among art and design colleges in our commitment to a campus life that rivals that of top liberal arts colleges. But what makes us stand out even further are the exceptional spaces for artmaking that model the quality of equipment and technological resources of small industries. At MICA, you will have access to an extraordinary creative ecosystem for making, thinking, collaborating, exhibiting, performing, living, and recharging.

Career Preparation Matters

Mindful of how each step of your education will contribute to your long term success as an artist or designer, professional development is embedded in all aspects of the curriculum, advising, career services, and real-world experiences that comprise a MICA education - all designed to prepare you for a successful career or post-graduate study.