Admitted Students

Why Choose MICA?

MICA is like no place else. Attracting students world-wide, MICA is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in innovative art and design education. The 2200 undergraduate and graduate students who choose MICA are incredibly talented and smart, they are rule breakers and change makers. They believe that creativity is not only essential to how they visually interpret the world, but to the development of the creative economy and to a just and humane world.

Students from 48 states and 52 countries have chosen MICA as the launching pad for lives of purpose and exciting careers. This is the art and design college where you will connect with other students who are not only art-focused but also engaged in and committed to many different interests - from working on issues of social justice, to creating a sustainable environment, to developing their own entrepreneurial business.

MICA's prestigious faculty are passionate about teaching while maintaining their professional practice as artists, designers, and scholars. They will push you to reach for the best in yourself. They won't focus on shaping your work or ideas to a particular vision or aesthetic, but will use their advanced education, professional experience and connections to inspire and guide you.

Choose MICA and your education will put you at the center of a dynamic, internationally renowned creative community that is shaping the world of art and design and how it intersects with business, industry, science, health, and education.

At MICA, you can customize your program of study to meet your specific interests and career goals.

Start with choosing a studio or liberal arts major from among 16 options. Then you can combine one or more of the following options to create your own individualized curriculum plan:

+ a studio concentration from among 19 options

+ a liberal arts minor from among 6 options

+ a study abroad program from among 40 options

+ an internship experience from among 800 options

= your individually designed creative pathway to success


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