Tanya A Kovacevic

Title Image, black and white image of acoma pueblo with text On Stolen Land - Tanya Kovacevic + Enlarge
On Stolen Land 2008 Digital Photograph
Color photograph of brick cross on side of desert road + Enlarge
Deserted Cross 2008 Digital Photograph 18x24
two grave stones of Cheyenne warriors in open field + Enlarge
Cheyenne Warriors 2010 Digital Photograph 18x24
Photograph of mt.Rushmore president faces carved in mountain range + Enlarge
Black Hills - White Faces 2010 Digital Photograph 18x24
Photo of neon sign reflection in window of store front with appropriated Native American Mannequin + Enlarge
Neon Chief 2021 Digital Photograph 18x24
Photo of 2 old decaying wooden sculptures on a Native American family in front of a vacation cottage + Enlarge
Native Family 2021 Digital Photograph 18x24
Photo of bison laying on grass on the side of the road at the entrance of Yellowstone National Park in Montana + Enlarge
Remaining Bison 2010 Digital Photograph 18x24

“On Stolen Land” is a body of work exploring the effects of colonialism and the influence of human interference on land, ecology, and culture. The intention of this work is to bring awareness to the environmental damage, and cultural destruction that stems from  ongoing colonialism. Exposing the cultural and ecological impacts, by confronting the viewer with images and historical information, provokes acknowledgement of these facts, and the role we play in the continuance of these injustices. I aspire to motivate understanding and education, inviting others to reflect on their role in the relentless degradation of land and culture, due to greed and hunger for “progress.” It is important for dominant culture to recognize the privilege that has resulted from colonization. Through the recognition of my own personal impact on these cultures and environments, I feel the responsibility to self-educate and advocate for the Indigenous people whose land I inhabit. Awakening a thought process in those who are ignorant of the history and current state of this country, will hopefully trigger comprehension of the destruction our culture has willfully participated in. I hope to approach and connect these ideas respectfully, through research and visual interpretation of the land and cultures presented.

Photography (BFA) Students