Photography (BFA)

Large abandoned president busts in a field + Enlarge
President Heads 2019 digital photograph print 24x30
Two lenticular prints made from childhood photos of me and my twin that transition into new photos taken as adults + Enlarge
Changing Times 02 2022 Lenticular Print 8x10
Cool People Couture Issue #1 cover, december 2021, by Evan Jensen + Enlarge
Cool People Couture 1 - December 2021 2021 magazine 8.5 x 11" magazine
My body and mummy-like shell of my body are made of plaster and some pictures are what I documented with my phone while being hospitalized. + Enlarge
Personal growth 03 2022 Plaster 16.4 x 14 x 6.5 in
The Social Landscape: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign + Enlarge
The Social Landscape: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign 2021 Digital Photograph on Premium Lustre Photo Paper 16 x 16 inches
Cyanotype of a large format negative and plant cuttings surrounding negative. The negative depicts the artist's hand resting on a tree trunk. The cyanotype was toned to become a much deeper, cooler blue, and has been scanned and printed large scale. Aroun + Enlarge
Entry 1 2021 archival inkjet print, paper yarn
Da'rious is a lover of anime. He loves to include his passion for anime in his clothing style and music that he creates. + Enlarge
Redefining the Culture- Da'rious 2022 Digital Phtogoraphy
Bee, African-American, is sitting at a table with a black table cloth on top. There is a vibrant blue backdrop behind them. They are leaning on the table looking to the side, applying lipgloss. They are wearing a bright red button on their shirt that says + Enlarge
Bee 2021 Digital Photography 17 x 22 in
Title Image, black and white image of acoma pueblo with text On Stolen Land - Tanya Kovacevic + Enlarge
On Stolen Land 2008 Digital Photograph
Roadkill found on the street + Enlarge
Lives in Between_Confrontation 2022 Gum bichromate over cyanotype 12x18 in
Photography (BFA) Students