Anthony loves all things nerdy, from wrestling, to comics, and even anime. He loves anime apparel and collecting funky pops. + Enlarge
Redefining the Culture- Anthony 2022 Digital Photography
Da'rious is a lover of anime. He loves to include his passion for anime in his clothing style and music that he creates. + Enlarge
Redefining the Culture- Da'rious 2022 Digital Phtogoraphy
Derrick takes interest in different comic book related hobbies. Whether it be collecting, watching films, or actually reading comics. + Enlarge
Redefining the Culture- Derrick 2021 Digital Photography
Hailey has always had a love for reading but specifically has a soft spot for the Percy Jackson series. + Enlarge
Redefining the Culture- Hailey 2021 Digital Photography
K'yeona once felt as if she wasn't sure if she was part of this community but later on embraced her passion for things such as anime. One of her favorite anime is Haikyu. + Enlarge
Redefining the Culture- K'yeona 2022 Digital Phtogoraphy
A photo that displays Kendell's interest in events such as professional wrestling. + Enlarge
Redefining the Culture- Kendell 2022 Digitally Photography
Tyler has grown up always loving Star Wars. One of his most cherished items is his collectible book titled, The Jedi path. + Enlarge
Redefining the Culture- Tyler 2022 Digital Photography

Kendell Jordan is an artist born and raised in Baltimore, MD. His work focuses on the the many representation of both black culture within Baltimore and likes to show it through different series of portraitures. His series, Redefining the Culture focuses on highlighting members of the black community that may identify with the subculture of being black and nerdy. The term for this subculture is known as Blerd, a term created for the culture by the culture. It describes people of color who enjoy things nerdy and geek regardless of gender, skin tone, sexuality, etc. While many may not be aware of the term or community, they are able to realize that they have been living such a lifestyle. With the everlasting rise of black representation in today's media and pop culture, we now get to see more black characters presented in the world of fiction, comics, sci-fi, etc that gives POC the opportunity to connect with these characters and feel seen in a society that once treated being black and nerdy as not being held in the highest esteem. The work consists of a series of diptychs displaying both the subjects and their item of choice that represents what they take interest in within the culture to show that being black is more than 1 concept and that black culture consists of multiple components outside of the normal stigma of what black culture is. 

Photography (BFA) Students