Baltimore Natural Dye Symposium Series

Doong-ji (둥지): Natural Dye Online Exhibition

Doong-Ji (둥지) is a nest in the Korean language that refers to home, sanctuary, and a safe space. Doong-Ji can be a place where you can give birth, begin your life, get nurtured, and be physically protected. We introduce fiber and visual arts inspired by natural dyes to represent different communities, cultures, traditions, and identities in this exhibition.

We hope this online nest and exhibition visually provides a space where you can feel love, peace, and support for participating artists and viewers, especially during this difficult time. This online exhibition is created and shared through the Kunstmatrix platform.

Organized by Rosa Sung Ji Chang, Eva Sailly, Anushka Jajodia and Audrey Naiva. This event series is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council (