Natural Dye Initiative

Baltimore Natural Dye Symposium Series

The Baltimore Natural Dye Initiative is pleased to announce a series of events celebrating the relationships, community connections, and creative work we have valued and sustained during the instability of these times. As we are cast to places across the globe, we are reuniting in a series of symposium events to reconnect as we move forward. Last year at this time, we had to cancel our in-person symposium due to the pandemic. We hope this year, you can join us for a celebration of people, connections, and conversations to acknowledge and honor our relationships, and those who continue to tell the stories of natural dye. 
  • Our two live spring sessions uphold the research and relationships to the NDI with artist, researcher, and community member Rosa Sung Ji Chang.
  • Each session is accompanied by pre-recorded interviews with the panelists.
  • The session recordings and interviews are posted on the individual event pages.
  • Along with these two sessions, please explore the online exhibition, Doong-Ji, exploring works by students, fellow artists, practitioners, and photography by Colby Ware.


Spring 2021 Sessions:

Session #1: Indigo Shade Map

Friday, April 30, 2021

Moderator: Rosa Sung Ji Chang
Presenters: Wang Sik Kim, Gasali Adeyemo, Kenya Miles, and Britt Boles

Session #2: Korean Natural Dye: Traditions Meet Contemporary and Beyond

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Moderator: Rosa Sung Ji Chang
Presenters: Aimee Lee, Dr. Buk-Gu Heo, Dr. Mi Sook Cho, SouJou Jang

Doong-ji (둥지): Natural Dye Online Exhibition

Doong-Ji (둥지) is an online nest and exhibition dedicated to introducing fiber and visual arts inspired by natural dyes to represent different communities, cultures, traditions, and identities in this exhibition.

The Baltimore Natural Dye Symposium Series brings together natural dye practitioners, scholars, artists and designers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, cultural workers, and farmers.

All to exchange knowledge and ideas, build local capacity and community around the growing and use of natural dyes, and engage with the complex histories that accompany these traditional practices.

We are grateful to our community partners including Neighborhood Fiber Company, MICA, Hidden Harvest Farm, Blue Light Junction, and Parks & People Foundation. We are thankful for funding support from the Maryland State Arts Council (

With gratitude,
The Baltimore Natural Dye Team