A mixed media painting of a black girl surrounded by plants looking down contemplatively. + Enlarge
Autumn Reflection 2020 Mixed media 20" x 25"
A vibrant mixed media painting of a black woman look up with her eyes closed surrounded by bright flowers + Enlarge
Spring Resilience 2020 Mixed media 20"x 25"
A blue painting / photo collage of a black woman with her head submerged and blending into the clouds + Enlarge
Head in the Clouds 2021 Digital mixed media 30" x 24"
A digital painting and photo collage of a black girl surrounded by clouds. Her hands are up covering her face and her eyes are also obscured by white fluffy clouds. + Enlarge
Brain Fog 2021 Digital mixed media 15" x 25"
A digital painting / photo collage of a black man surrounded by dark, heavy storm clouds. The clouds cover his eyes but reveal the bottom half of his face and chest. + Enlarge
Stormy Weather 2021 Digital mixed media 15" x 20"

This body of work explores the duality of joy and struggle I have experienced this past year. My newfound love for gardening, which I discovered during the pandemic, is exemplified in the first two paintings "Autumn Reflection" and "Spring Resilience". Too often in the media, black women are not depicted as radiant, cherished, and covered in flowers. By combining both digital and traditional painting mediums, I painted faces of joy and representation that I was so desperately craving to see.

The second part of this work explores the mental struggles I have felt this past year. Through family interviews, I gained insight into how my parents deal with the struggles of life, and that knowledge inspired these paintings. The clouds represent my state of mind and how some days are clear and optimistic, while other days are stormy and chaotic. Through this body of work, I create a sanctuary, where I can dream, hope, cry and be a full human being without fear of judgment. 

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students