Two whales, mother and child, swimming in the sea of blue with a loose form of ocean around them. + Enlarge
Whale of a Time 2020 Watercolor 18 X 24
Three flamingoes, colors of purple and pinks on the side of the water. + Enlarge
Flamingos 2020 Watercolor 12 X 18
Four frogs hidden in a painting of green, each holding onto a leaf and their red eyes standing out among the crowd. + Enlarge
Froggo 2020 Watercolor 12 X 18
A numbat, an animal in Australia, climbing up a tree surrounded in blue sky, white clouds, and green shrub around it. + Enlarge
Numbat 2021 Watercolor 12 X 18

My inspiration for this series comes from animals that are endangered. Being a large part of my life, from movies, to books and first hand experiences, animals have held a role in my inspirations and my work. Using watercolour, I aim to bring out a delicate image of animals through my painting style. I want to immerse viewers with my work.

General Fine Arts (BFA) Students