Unique Mical Robinson is a poet, performer, and proud Baltimore City native. She received her MFA in English from Mills College, and a BA in Creative Writing/Black Studies from Hampshire College.

Unique has performed poetry for 20+ years throughout the US, and Havana, Cuba, and continues to perform and host regularly throughout the region. She began her career as a Community Organizer in Brooklyn, NY with VOCAL-NY, and later, as an Academic Mentor in Oakland, CA. Throughout Baltimore, Unique has worked consistently as a Poetry Teaching Artist, and in administrative roles for various organizations, including DewMore Baltimore, LTYC, AFRO Charities, & The Lyric. Unique received the Emerging Teaching Artist award from Arts Every Day in 2017, The Grit Fund Grant in 2019, and an Artist Recovery Grant from BOPA in 2022. 

Unique has been Adjunct Faculty in Humanistic Studies at MICA since 2016, and is now the Director of MICA’s MFA in Community Arts Program.

Unique also serves as a member of her alma mater Hampshire College’s Writers Advisory Council, and was the Chairperson and Host of 2022 Baltimore Pride. Unique graced the cover of Baltimore Magazine’s GameChangers Issue in Fall 2022. 

Unique has two poetic book releases: flicked/forgotten/FREED (2014), and Four Wings & A Prayer: A Charm City Churn (2019). She later expanded into music, releasing the vesica piscis EP (2019), Tha 27th Letter, Vol. I (2019) & II (2020), GETCHA LIFE! EP (2021), and Cosmic Drama (2022). To stream, please visit linktree.com/uniquetheword. For Unique's Baker Artist Portfolio, please visit: https://bakerartist.org/portfolios/unique-robinson