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MICA's Fiber faculty are interdisciplinary artists who work across media - sculptural, textile, social, performances and events. We are designers, writers, sewers, sculptors, and visionaries that have a love for the textile terrain.

MICA Fiber Faculty

Susie Brandt

Baltimore based artist Susie Brandt has been progressively scouring the textile terrain since she sewed her first dress at age seven.

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Annet Couwenberg

My inimitable curiosity has enabled me to pursue ongoing conversations between traditional craft production and digital technology.

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Christina P. Day

My collaged constructions and architectural installations are guided by traces of past and person that lie deep within used objects and spaces.

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Liz Ensz

Liz Ensz was born in Minnesota to a resourceful family of penny-savers, metal scrappers, and curators of cast-offs.

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Valeska Populoh

Valeska Maria Populoh was born in Germany and now lives in Baltimore. Before beginning her work as an artist and cultural organizer, Valeska worked as a policy advocate and educator on environmental and social justice issues.

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Piper Shepard

I’m a textile artist and I’ve been a faculty member in the Fiber Department since 1994.

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Kristine Woods

My work forms from effect and intellect, inextricably. Current work focuses on abstract sculptures (hand-felted wool and papier-mache) drawing, reading, weaving, and writing.

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