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First Year International Students (FYI)—Fall Semester Online

Welcome, Class of 2024 students! If you are a first-year student who is unable to travel to Baltimore because of visa or other international travel concerns, the MICA First-Year International (FYI) online program is for you! MICA FYI classes are an introduction to academic and artistic life at MICA and are offered around the time zones of the Pacific Rim.

You can choose between:

Option 1 - First Year International Full Time

Full time option to complete your five (5) first semester course requirements while taking no more than three classes at a time in two eight-week mini-semesters. The full time option will allow you to stay on schedule to graduate with the class of 2024. Please note that your classes will be carefully selected, and customized, just for you!

Option 2 - First Year International Part Time

Part time option to begin your MICA Experience in the fall semester by taking just one MICA FYI online course, the First Year Forum I. This is the first half of a year long course, and you would complete the second half of this course in the Spring Semester.

Taught by specialists in language learning and intercultural communication, MICA FYI online classes will support English language proficiency for those students who need it. Enrolling in MICA FYI will give you access to our college’s resources and the opportunity to connect with other MICA students. MICA FYI online is designed to offer interactions with experienced faculty members while tapping into your personal creativity and curiosity. We can't wait for you to join us beginning August 2020. Please refer to the video for more detailed information including a sample schedule for each option.

Please respond with questions and to confirm your space by Friday, July 17, 2020 to:

Sarah Titford
Assistant Director of International Admission

Curriculum Guide for First Year International Students