Community Art and Service

France-Merrick Fellows

France-Merrick Fellows are leaders of the Community Art and Service Program. They propose a year-long project with a community site of choice and oversee, facilitate, and execute a collaborative vision of this endeavor.


In 2003, what was then the Community Arts Partnership (CAP), was awarded an endowment by the France-Merrick Foundation for students pursuing community art to propose a year-long project with Baltimore communities.  This endowment has allowed students that receive this fellowship to emerge as leaders in both the MICA community, as well as the Baltimore community through their commitment to service and innovation.  France-Merrick Fellows are expected to be leaders that connect MICA students to the community in both the work they do, as well as the dialogues that they are able to start with this unique position.


The France-Merrick Fellowship is a prestigious position at MICA, and some of the requirements of the position include, but are not limited to:

  • Propose a year-long project they wish to complete in conjunction with a partner site that is approved by MICA

  • Commit to a full calendar year experience

  • Assist with the mentorship/overseeing of the CSLs

  • Assist with CSE sponsored service opportunities

  • Have community art or service experience for one year (or two semesters)

  • Good academic & judicial standing


      • Applications are accepted in the spring, and interviews will happen in April

      • Those selected will be notified prior to the end of the spring semester

      • FMFs are encouraged to explore sites in Baltimore prior to the beginning of the fall semester

      • FMFs attend extensive training in August to obtain tools to execute their position to the best of their ability

      • Reviews occur throughout each semester to check in on the completion of project requirements

      • FMFs attend a retreat in the spring semester to further connect, process, and gain tools for their project


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