Staff Awards

2019 Award Recipients

Length of Service Awards

5 Years of Service

  • Deborah Arthur, Campus Safety
  • Betty Crawford, Campus Safety
  • Lee Davis, Center for Social Design
  • Allison Fischbach, Decker Library
  • Cristina Goncalves, Academic Affairs
  • Robinson Hernandez, Finance
  • Joshua Hunt, Building Services
  • Gwynne Keathley, Office of Research & Graduate Studies
  • Jean Liang, Undergraduate Admission
  • Pamela Massey, Campus Safety
  • Jeffrey McGrath, Exhibitions
  • Eric Olson, Development
  • Pamela Stefanuca, Educational Planning
  • Kelly Teeling, Undergraduate Admission
  • Jeffrey Vanlandingham, Building Services
  • Kendall Wallace, Undergraduate Admission
  • Carla Williams, Undergraduate Studies & Faculty

10 Years of Service

  • Lorri Angelloz, Strategic Communications
  • Melissa Buckingham, Finance
  • Erika Carruth, Undergraduate Studies & Faculty
  • Elvira DeJesus, Building Services
  • Clyde Johnson, Center for Identity & Inclusion
  • Michelle Lee, Finance
  • Christine Lindquist, Financial Aid
  • Arthur Soontornsaratool, '07, Decker Library
  • Meagan Zink Denham, '05, Career Development

15 Years of Service

  • Leah Cooper, '09, Enrollment Services
  • Andrew Liang, '02, Exhibitions
  • Douglas Mann, Finance & Operations
  • Megan Miller, Student Affairs
  • Zbigniew Zukowski, '01, Digital Print Services

20 Years of Service

  • Alan Grimes, Campus Safety
  • Linda Harrison, Campus Safety

25 Years of Service

  • Sherri Faaborg, '92, Decker Library

45 Years of Service

  • Riley Hawkins, Transportation

Florence Thorp Memorial Award

Betty Crawford, Campus Safety

Fred Worthington Memorial Award

Amy Hodges, Academic Affairs

Douglas Frost Lifetime Achievement Award

Alan Grimes, Campus Safety

Class of 2019 Distinguished Service to Undergraduate Students Award

Daniel Olson, '13, Postal and Print Services

Class of 2019 Distinguished Service to Graduate Students Award

Cristina Goncalves, Academic Affairs

Lori L. Stuart Memorial Award

Catherine Burrier, Technology

Gwynevere Armstrong, Financial Aid

Peter Noll, Facilities Management

Riley Hawkins Community Service to Baltimore Award

Andrew Liang, '02, Exhibitions

President's Award

Megan Miller, Student Affairs

Tru Ludwig, Enrollment Services