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The Office of Events team: who we are, what we do, and how we can help you navigate your event at MICA.

The Office of Events is currently only hosting college events, no external events are being considered. 

Office of Events

Jon Lipitz - Director, Office of Events

Jon has over 30 years experience producing events and theater. Jon’s responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Office of Events. Jon takes the lead in planning and coordination of most major College events, including Commencement and all related activities, Portfolio Day and manages summer residencies. Jon specializes in the management of large events.

Lilah - Executive Pupsistant

Lilah is responsible for promoting pawsitivity and is the acting liaison between the Office of Events and treats.

Emily Schultz '17 - Manager, Performance Spaces

Emily serves as the acting Assistant Director for the Office of Events and oversees the performance spaces on MICA's campus, including A Box, BBOX, and Falvey Hall. Emily's focus includes staff management, special projects, and major college events, such as Orientation and Commencement. Outside of MICA, Emily maintains a practice as a painting and fiber artist.

Performance Spaces

Mildred "Millie" - Performance Space Pup

Millie ensures the smooth operation of all office toys and maintains the ball inventory.

Delroy Gaither Jr. - Technical Manager, Performance Spaces

Delroy is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the audio-visual equipment and environs of the performance spaces. Delroy also coordinates technical support for events, both in the performance spaces and across MICA's campus. On evenings and weekends, Delroy can be found playing the drums with his bands Ignant Exposure, IKM, and more!

Performance Spaces

Ashe Coddington '19 - Assistant Coordinator, Performance Spaces

Ashe is the primary coordinator for the use of A Box, BBOX, and Falvey Hall. They oversee the technicians and ushers at events, setups, and teardowns, as well as provide administrative support for the performance spaces.

Performance Spaces

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