MICA's Pre-College Art and Design Program is an intensive college-level experience designed to help participants make the leap from thinking like high school art students to thinking like an artist.

All classes are college level, live sessions with built in independent work time, so be prepared to give the maximum time and effort both in and out of class. You must complete all curriculum units to receive college credit. Faculty and a MICA Undergraduate Teaching Assistant will support you and provide regular and ongoing feedback throughout the program. 

The courses and course descriptions below have been updated to reflect and accommodate remote learning offerings and settings for Summer 2021. 

Animation students will explore the moving image, principles of animation, intro to character animation, and narrative storytelling. In this course, students will focus on traditional 2D animation, digital 2D, basics in editing, and an introduction to stop motion. Students will gain fundamentals through live demos, lectures, and animation screenings. Remote studio times will be for students to create project-based and independent animations. Final portfolios will include principles of animation exercises, character walk cycle, storyboards, and a personal animated short.

Drawing and Painting
This course focuses on building proficiency with painting and drawing the human figure. Working with models, self portraits, curated photographs, and master paintings, both traditional and contemporary approaches are explored. Considerations such as proportion, anatomy, form, color, expression, and composition are emphasized in the context of one's unique artistic vision. Each student explores the structural, psychological, and emotional aspects of the human form as they engage with their chosen concepts and ideas. A collaborative brainstorming and critique process allows students to support each other in developing these personal directions. Students produce a portfolio which is ambitious in scope and confronts the demands of large-scale formats, portraiture, narrative, and the intensity with which figure drawing and painting can express ideas.

Fiber and Textiles 
Fiber offers the opportunity to cover and uncover narratives, ideals, assumptions, and aspirational parts of ourselves and society. This course will focus on artists, designers and crafts folk within the fiber genre, 2D / 3D ways of making, and cultures responsible for foundational fiber techniques. With an emphasis on the origins of hand work techniques, the richness of cultural knowledge, Fiber and Textiles invites participants to connect deeply to both practice and place as we adapt and reimagine textiles. Students will use techniques like embroidery, piecing, resist dyeing, zero waste construction, and indigo to create a variety of forms and assemblage. These practices will lend to critical discussion contextualized through concepts, techniques, materials and experiences as students work together to shape the format of formal and informal collective critique. All students will purchase a kit containing class materials as a starting point for the techniques we learn. Students are encouraged to expand their relationship to alternative materials to reflect the personal and the profound.

Graphic Design
Students learn the elements of effective design as they focus on the meaning and impact of logos, posters, websites, advertisements, and countless other media. Students complete assignments that emphasize the use of symbols, sequential design, the integration of imagery and typography, and conceptual thinking. Students deploy their creativity, while they gain new technological and intellectual skills to envision novel design solutions that shape the form and content of their projects. Final portfolios contain fully realized and beautifully executed designs that combine innovative solutions with their personal voice as a designer.

Illustration tells a visual story, provides visual interpretation, or creates a visual explanation of a narrative, concept, or process. Illustrators create images for posters, flyers, magazines, books, animations, and video games. Students in Illustration apply approaches to contemporary illustration as a means for creating or supporting a narrative/story. Students consider issues of character development, sequential imagery, storytelling genres, and the relationship between text and image.  Final portfolios include a range of work exploring different illustration markets and genres.  

Interdisciplinary Art
This thematically based course considers the possibility and implications of working in a variety of different media, such as drawing, painting, photo, video, sculpture, installation, collage, mixed-media, performance and more. With a focus on multidisciplinary exploration of concepts, students are encouraged to create projects that emphasize the inextricable link between form, material, process and idea. Emphasis is on personal expression through visual art and narrative approaches. Students develop personally significant directions for making work, as they look to their lived experiences and/or current social and political issues for inspiration. Final portfolios will consist of projects that engage a variety of media approaches, innovation, and finished work with strong conceptual components.

Sample Weekly Schedule (all times are EST)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:30a - 11:30a Class Class Class Class Class
11:30a - 12p  Break Break Break Break Break
12p - 1p Breakroom Breakroom Breakroom Breakroom Breakroom Virtual Museum Tour Community Building Program
1p - 2p Breakroom Breakroom
2p - 2:30p Wellness Time Wellness Time Wellness Time Wellness Time Wellness Time Wellness Time Wellness Time
3p - 4:30p  Class Class Class Class Class Community Building Program Community Building Program
4:30p - 5p Visiting Artist/Lecture Visiting Artist/Lecture
7:30p - 8p Workshop Community Building Program Staff Artist/Designer Talks Workshop Community Building Program Game Night Coffee House
8p - 9:30p Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework Homework