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Innovation comes from people who use imagination and creativity to solve complex problems. Creative problem solving and frameworks like design thinking are the groundwork for individual creative skills.

MICA offers courses and workshops in graphic design, mobile advertising and design, software tools such as the Adobe Creative Suite, and introductory business classes exclusively for professionals seeking high-level continuing education taught by accomplished designers, creative directors, and businesspeople.

A wide range of fine arts and design courses include classes and workshops in drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, and web design.

A preview of our Fall 2019 Professional Practice courses include:

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Featured Fall 2019 Course

The Psychology of User Experience

User experience design is the process of creating products and services by improving usability, accessibility, and desirability of a product or service. The Psychology of User Experience tackles the understanding and use of principles of psychology in User Experience. Designers often create and deploy behavioral and motivational design techniques rooted in the fundamentals of psychology. This class will take a deeper look at subjects like emotions, chatbots, human attention, memory, learning experiences, the information age, ethical design principles and more. Students will explore ways of applying the knowledge in a 7 week long design challenge. Instructor: Yao Adantor is a multidisciplinary User Experience Designer at KPMG. As a UX consultant he uses a blended approach of psychology and design thinking to build user friendly solutions in healthcare, research and education. He believes process and trends are fluid but the fundamentals of achieving and satisfying user experience remains the same. He earned his MPS in User Experience Design from MICA.

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