Assessment of Student Learning

Institutional Plan for Assessment

The Assessment of Student Learning at Maryland Institute College of Art is an integrated, inclusive, and sustainable process that aspires to improve and cultivate an authentic creative learning community at MICA.

A Culture of Assessment

It is a reflective process of continued development and renewal that brings together and is guided by those most closely involved in student learning and success. Academic administrators, faculty, and staff in departments, programs, and offices within Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Academic Services organize and implement the assessment of student learning as a way to guide programmatic change and enhance student engagement and achievement. Although institutionally guided and organized, MICA's assessment plan supports a context-informed, collaborative process that contributes to the development of a culture of assessment and a commitment to ongoing improvement.

MICA's process for the programmatic assessment of student learning is focused on direct assessment using student work and artifacts. Program assessment also incorporates local surveys and focus groups related to courses and programmatic outcomes to support and inform results from the direct assessment.