Teaching and Learning

Assessment of Student Learning

The purpose of learning assessment at MICA is to examine, in systematic ways, students’ achievement relative to the goals of our educational programs. Engagement in learning assessment leads to the enhancement of the educational experience of our students; improvement in teaching and learning; and fulfillment of our obligation to be accountable to the public and our accrediting bodies for our claims about student learning.

MICA is committed to the engagement in meaningful, feasible, and authentic assessment processes that are systematic and continuous, yet flexible. At MICA, these processes focus on three questions:

  1. What are we trying to do?
  2. How well are we doing?
  3. How can we improve?

By investigating these questions, faculty and staff generate information that can be used to develop curriculum and align pedagogical approaches to ensure that MICA is fulfilling its educational mission: to EMPOWER students to forge creative, purposeful lives and careers in a diverse and changing world.

The information on this page is intended to promote awareness of learning assessment at MICA and provide resources for faculty and staff who are engaged in the assessment process.